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If You Need Legal Representation, Here Are Ten (10) Great Reasons To Hire The Law

Firm Of J. Marvin Honeycutt, PA.

  1. Experience. If you appear in Court on your own for a matter other than a minor speeding ticket or small claims court, you are probably in over your head. On the other hand, I have over twenty-five (25) years experience handling criminal defense matters, personal injury claims, divorce, child custody, guardianships, adoptions and Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases.

  1. You may pay less, and not just in terms of money, by hiring me than if you represent yourself. In a criminal case, fines and costs are usually assessed. There may be other consequences such as higher insurance fees or a license suspension. If you are a non-citizen, legally here or not, you could be deported or removed. In a divorce case there may be property and debts to divide, and if you don’t know the law, your loss of property in payment of debt may be far more than the costs of hiring me. In a custody case, you may have to pay child support and you don’t want to pay more than you are required.

  1. You need me to tell you how I see it, not what you want to hear or according to how you feel. Objectivity, not drama, is what you need. If I think you might go to jail, I will tell you even when another says there is “no chance”. I know you don”t want to hear me tell you that, but I just won’t do it just to get your money. Or maybe it is a divorce case, you are in the middle of the whirlwind, but I am less likely to make a rash decision than you because I am not. At the same time, I will provide moral and emotion support regarding your case.

  1. Having an experienced lawyer may improve your odds. There is probably a lawyer on the other side. In a criminal case, the prosecutor is paid by the government. In a civil case (non-criminal), the other party initially pays for the attorney. The other side knows, for instance, the rules of the court and you likely do not. If, for instance, a pleading is filed and you do not answer or respond in a timely basis, your case may be dismissed or you may have to pay a judgment.

  1. Try the case, plea the case or settle the case? Based on over twenty-five (25) plus years of experience, I will give you the pros and cons of either a settlement or plea that I will have helped negotiate. However, you make the final determination. If you would rather go to a hearing, I have experience in both criminal and civil jury trials, as well as criminal trials in federal court.

  1. How do you get the evidence into the trial and how do you try to keep out or minimize the evidence not in your favor? I will find out if the evidence in your case was obtained properly. Maybe there is a chain of custody issue on the drugs found in your pocket and I can advise you on whether it gets into evidence or whether it is suppressed, meaning the government’s case is seriously weakened. Or you are in a divorce case, and you got in trouble before you got married, I can let you know if the odds of whether that information will be heard.

  1. Documents, documents, documents. Sadly, part of litigation, whether in criminal court, civil court or bankruptcy court requires lots of paperwork and deadlines. If, for instance, if you file a bankruptcy petition without an attorney and do not file the necessary financial planning certificate on a timely basis, your bankruptcy will be closed without a discharge which means creditors can still come after you. In a civil proceeding, if you do not answer requests for admissions on a timely basis, your answers will be deemed “admitted” and than result in an adverse outcome for you.

  1. Experience with similar cases. With my knowledge of the law and tactics by insurance adjusters, you will save a lot of time by not attempting to represent yourself. With my trial experience in criminal cases, I can help you decide if a trial is in your best interest based upon previous experience with judges, juries and the prosecuting attorney.

  1. Trial. If you attempt to represent yourself at trial, it was famously said you have a fool for a client. You must know the rules of evidence, civil procedure and criminal procedure in order to properly try a case. Additionally, in a criminal case, you should have an attorney who the prosecutor knows is not afraid to try a case. If the prosecutor believes the attorney is afraid to try the case, then your plea offer may be substantially worse for you.

  1. Appeal? If your trial does not come out the way you think it should have, you can appeal. I can help you determine the pros and cons of filing or not filing an appeal.

With all these and other benefits, you can be sure that hiring a lawyer is definitely worth the money no matter the cost.

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